Tatiana Reubrecht


SPECIAL OFFER: From Friday 30th January to Wednesday 11th of February.
1 Hour session for 15 pictures = £100 only.

My name is Tatiana, I am a 23 years old photographer specialising in children’s portraits based in Ajaccio (France) and London.

I always have loved to be around kids and have studied little childcare. All have started when I was working as an au pair in Spain, I suddenly have been attracted by photography and while playing with the kids I was experimenting my photography skills. Everything became quiet fast clear in my mind, if I wanted to work with kids and loved photography, why not to be a children’s photographer !

I don’t have any set pose, I am looking for natural expressions, from silly, joy, serious to love and tears. I play with the cherub, camera in my hand and shoot what I see to capture the true their personalities. I love to shoot outdoor to use natural light and backdrops so I often suggest to meet you in the local playground or if the weather doesn’t permit it in your house where kids can find themselves comfortable and confident to be somewhere they know.

All the pictures are taken in color and it’s only on post-production that I decide if the result is better this way or in black and white. I usually make a selection of shots in B&W and colors that I upload in a private online gallery for you to choose. Once your favorites chosen I’ll send you a private link that allow you to download them in one time only, they are all in HD quality, ready for you to print, frame or make a book, etc

PLEASE READ: as a photographer taking pictures of minor models, before our session starts I’ll ask you to read and sign a legal form for use of minor’s images. If you have any question about it and wish to receive the form before booking me, feel free to send me a message on the above email address.

45 Min session: 7 pictures (£80)
1 Hour session: 15 pictures (£120)
90 Min session: 25 pictures (£160) for family sessions only.
Payment is due on the day, either in cash or by a bank transfer.